S1 E1 : Like I care about...self-love

Self-love, and a lack of it, can have such a huge impact on all aspects of your life. Yes, I bang on about it ALL the time but that's because it's important, okay?!

That's why I wanted to speak to Uncustomary (Mary) from uncustomary.org. Uncustomary is an author, artist and self-love coach from Baltimore in America and her aim, through her work, is to help people reconnect with their childlike fun.

As a self-love expert, I wanted to speak to Uncustomary about the dangers of not practising self-love and how we can make a conscious effort to show ourselves the love we deserve on a regular basis.

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The free resources mentioned during the podcast and kindly provided by Mary can be found here:

25 Magical Morning Routine_from Uncustomary.org
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You can find more freebies from Uncustomary here.

Find out more about Uncustomary's work at uncustomary.org or check out their Instagram.