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CBD oil for women - does it work?

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

I don't know about you but I have a real love hate relationship with being a woman, especially when it comes to my time of the month. I'm talking Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick waves of dysfunctional.

On the one hand, this monthly event (and my god does it feel like a bloody event) is a subtle reminder of just how extraordinary the female body is. If it wasn't for our biological make up, how would the human race survive? That is some powerful stuff. On the other hand, when I'm high on pain killers, craving and demanding every sweet treat ever produced in the history of confectionery production, I berate the world for giving me a womb and ovaries instead of a penis and testicles.

I won't lie, I'm always a little bit disgruntled at the fact I have to pay for anything to do with my period. I didn't ask for it, so why should I have to pay? I feel the same about bras, but that is a debate for another day.

Sanitary towels and/or tampons are an essential feature on the shopping list ahead of mother nature's often unwanted visit. But, are there any other items we could add to our list? That's a question I wanted to answer for myself when I was asked to review Our Remedy CBD oil.

Photo from @ourremedycbd

CBD oil seems to have stormed the wellness sector over the last few years. I think there was a common misconception that CBD oil contained cannabis. But, don't worry, you won't need to start ticking the 'have you taken illegal substances' box if you dabble in a bit of CBD - you're safe.

So, first things first, it probably makes sense for me to give you a bit of background on where my periods are at - how very personal! I made the decision to come off the pill in November last year. Sadly, my periods haven't stabilised just yet, so they're pretty unpredictable and not regular at all at the moment. This means that when they do make an appearence, they can be more painful than usual and I can be a little more...sensitive, let's say.

So, now you've got the low down on my cycle, it's time for me to give my honest review. Given the product claims to help in a number of ways, I thought it made sense to go through and give my review for each based on my personal experience. I've even given them a mark out of 10 because I'm dead helpful like that.

Photo from @ourremedycbd

Relieves menstrual pain - 7.5/10

I've never had an easy time when it comes to menstrual cramps, the first two days always being the worst. Since coming off the pill, I've found this has only gotten worse.

The CBD oil did help to take the edge off but given how painful they can be, I found I needed to reach for the painkillers now and again. One thing I will say, however, is that I wasn't reaching for them anywhere near as often as I usually would.

Eases mood swings - 7/10

I'll be honest, I can have some epic mood swings. I can go from joyfully dancing around my room to the Mamma Mia soundtrack to crying over the fact I don't have enough milk for my morning coffee in approximately 0.5 seconds flat. It really is a rollercoaster, I tell you.

I did feel my mood swings were a little more manageable when taking a few drops at the oil. For me, I think this was mainly because, as I'll mention shortly, it reduced my anxiety slightly. Did it eliminate my mood swings completely? No, hence why I'm not giving it a higher marker. However, it did help me to feel a little bit more in control.

Balances hormones - 5/10

Now, this one is a little complicated for me to mark and that's why I've gone for 5/10. My hormones are all over the shop at the moment in their new post-contraceptive pill life. Since coming off the pill, I have been keeping a very close eye on my skin because this is the one area where the imbalance is very clear. So, I did notice it didn't suffer anymore during my period, hence my score. That said, it's pretty awful at the moment and didn't help to clear it up either. So, bearing all of this in mind, I'm not confident enough to give it a higher mark than 5 and potentially mislead you, so I won't!

Photo from @ourremedycbd

Calms anxiety - 8.5/10

I've never hidden the fact I suffer with periods of intense anxiety. I want to make you aware of the fact, from the offset, that I am not suggesting that by giving this product such a high score for anxiety, that I'd recommend it as an ultimate solution to anyone living with anxiety issues. I gave it this mark because it helped with the anxiety I tend to experience during my time of the month only. It helped to ground me when I needed it to and helped combat the physical symptoms I sometimes experience when feeling anxious.

Aids sleep - 8.5/10

Sleep has been my nemesis for a few years now. I go through periods (no pun intended) where I can't get to sleep or I can't stay asleep for the usual 8 hours we are prescribed. It certainly keeps me on my toes. This oil, however, definitely helped to combat the former issue. A few drops half an hour before bed sent me straight off. Our time of the month can be stressful enough as it is without a lack of sleep, so this was a very welcomed effect for me.

Photo from @ourremedycbd

I suppose the final question is, would I buy it again? Yes. Even though it is a little pricey for the amount you get and therefore not necessarily something I could afford on a monthly basis, for me, the oil targeted the issues I face and struggle with the most during my period - sleep, anxiety and pain. Plus, the product comes in a cute box with some period-centric gifts which, I felt, was a nice little touch. I know, I'm easily pleased.

For more information about Our Remedy CBD and to try it yourself, visit

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