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(Wo)man's best friend

Over 60 years ago, Marilyn Monroe famously told us that diamonds are a girl's best friend. What do you reckon? Still accurate or a little outdated?

I don't want to be that girl but hey, I'm going to be anyway; diamonds are not my best friend. There are many things that I find more exciting than this glitzy carbon element, such as exotic holidays, European city breaks and a meet and greet with either P!nk, Lady Gaga or Beyonce. Don't get me wrong, if someone presented me with a dazzling diamond ring tomorrow (preferably my current love interest Anton from Love Island), I wouldn't turn down the offer, but I think Marilyn's thoughts are a little archaic for me. Instead, there is a much more well-deserving contender for my heart who does my wellbeing a hell of a lot of good.

I have always loved dogs, having grown up with a beautiful German shepherd called Narla (pictured above). She had sassy tendencies, but all the best people do, right? That's what I tell myself post dramatic strop, anyway. Dogs have always been special creatures in my mind but they've become even more important to me over the last couple of years. As I've mentioned in one of my blogs before, I went through a very rough patch last year (not quite Britney 2007, but not far off). For a solid period of time, nothing seemed to ease the anxiety, fear and sadness I was constantly feeling. Then, one of my best friends gave me a key to her house which came with an added bonus; not only her company but the company of her lovely little pug, Spud.

He's always been a very friendly doggo, never afraid to invade your personal space and rest in the most inconvenient places. His favourite game to play is to walk or rest on my laptop when I'm trying to work. I've learned not to draft passive aggressive messages when he's around just in case he steps on the 'send' button and mugs me right off. I didn't realise just how much I needed Spud to ceaselessly force his way onto my lap, possessing a constant demand to be stroked, but I am so glad he did. His presence and his need for attention distracted me from all the dreadful thoughts I was having. I only had one thing to focus on at that time and that was him.

The love and hugs he offered so freely is just what I needed and something, I believe, really complimented the treatment and support I was getting at the time. He needed someone to take him out for a walk whilst his mamma was at work and he was looking at me to do just that with his 'get your ass off the sofa' stare. I had no choice but to put on some clothes and head outside, even if my thoughts were telling me I couldn't. It is small efforts like this that convinced me to slowly challenge my thoughts and do the things I believed I couldn't do.

Spud will always hold a very special place in my heart but sadly, he does not live nearby. So, I knew I had to get myself a furry friend that was slightly closer to home. That's when I decided to spend the best £13 I've ever spent to sign up to Borrow My Doggy. Soon enough I found the fluffy, funny, loveable cockapoo I have the pleasure of walking twice a week, Monty.

Like many millennials in the 20s age bracket, I rent my property from a landlord who makes a satisfactory profit every month from the money I work nice and hard for. To add salt to the wound, the contract comes with one rubbish rule; no dogs allowed. I don't trust people who do not like dogs so sometimes I do question whether my landlord is a psychopath. Yet to come to a conclusion but this fact alone, I feel, makes a strong case. Anyway, given I can't have a little cockapoo of my own, for now, Borrow My Doggy does an excellent job of giving me the doggy fix I need to de-stress and unwind. I mean seriously, look at the picture below. You're telling me that wouldn't brighten up your day? If your answer is no, you're only lying to yourself.

I won't be the first person to praise dogs for their anxiety and depression relieving superpowers, and I won't be the last. They really are the greatest gift that has ever graced this earth, alongside Sir David Attenborough, Rupaul's Drag Race and Bakewell tarts. So, if like me you are unable to have a pooch of your own but would benefit from the love that dogs so willingly give, I'd pick up your fancy phone and head over to your app store and download Borrow My Doggy pronto. You're welcome, in advance.

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